Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a doctors referral to come to physiotherapy?

Answer: No, a doctor’s referral is not always necessary. You may come and register your injury under ACC directly with us, if it is accident related.  You can also come to us privately with non ACC concerns.

We have a very good relationship with all the GP’s in Hamilton and the greater Waikato and are skilled in differential diagnosis. If we have any concerns, or we think you need to be seen by your  GP or your specialist, we can refer you to them. We can also refer for ultrasounds and X-rays.

How much is the ACC part charge?

Answer: It is $43 (ACC inital appointment) or $37.00 (ACC subsequent appointment). Payment is to be made on the day and we accept EFTPOS, cash or cheque.

What do your physiotherapists specialise in?

Answer: Our clinic is well known for its hand therapy, upper limb/shoulder therapy and post operative rehabilitation. But with so many enthusiastic staff, we are able to offer treatment in most areas.  Just ring our friendly reception team (07 838 3798) and ask which physiotherapist would best suit your needs, or use our contact us or appointment forms.

Do you do acupuncture?

Answer: Yes we do and we have qualified staff to be able to offer this to you.

Do you do home visits?

Answer: Yes we do, there is an additional charge for this service. Please ring the reception team to enquire as to costs and availability.

How much is it to come privately if I don’t qualify for ACC?

Answer: As you are an individual we individualise the cost to the complexity of your problem. Your first and subsequent visits will be charged from $80. Materials are at an extra cost. Please contact our Reception Team for more information.